Mommy, it’s time to look after yourself too

When was the last time you asked yourself if you're ok, mama? Sekaya reminds us the importance of doing so 🙂

Combining medical expertise and real-life personal stories, Sekaya Prescribing Nature: Mommy, Are You Okay? puts a spotlight on the emotional and mental wellness of moms, especially those who are breastfeeding.

Moms are superheroes, to say the very least. They manage the household, making sure everyone is safe and healthy. They take care of the older kids who have started their online classes, and they work either full time or on the side to also earn for the family. The list of things they have to do is endless, and many even have to do so while breastfeeding, despite the unique sets of challenges that come with it. 

With everything they have to juggle at home and at work, moms can be overwhelmed by parenting duties and taking great care to ensure that everyone around them is okay, that they often forget to look after their own wellbeing. 

This is why Sekaya has come up with a virtual discussion that focuses on moms’ emotional and mental wellness, paying close attention to breastfeeding moms. As the flagship brand of Synnovate Pharma Corporation, the natural products company of Unilab, Sekaya is intent on Prescribing Nature through plant-based functional products that take advantage of all the benefits that nature provides, while backing these up with strong scientific research and pharma-grade processing.

A longtime breastfeeding advocate, Dr. Anna York Bondoc is proud that more moms are being vocal about breastfeeding, including its many benefits and even struggles. She points out that this has encouraged more Filipino moms to breastfeed and to support each other’s journey.

Sekaya Prescribing Nature Series: Mommy, Are You Okay? features medical expert and breastfeeding advocate Anna York Bondoc, MD, ABIM, ABPM who shares her knowledge on the major struggles and misconceptions breastfeeding moms encounter, how these impact their emotional and mental wellbeing, and the ways they can ease the burden, whether through expertise or support. 

“Mothers should not be afraid to ask for support when they feel overwhelmed, especially now that we’re living in uncertain times. My advice for all moms who are feeling more anxious is to simply relax and give yourself a break. You can’t get everything right all the time. You will make mistakes, and that’s okay,” says Dr. Bondoc. “You’re not alone in your struggle, and it’s okay to feel not okay. What isn’t good is to just keep all these overwhelming emotions to yourself. Seek help and let others support you and lighten your load.” 

Mom of 1 and child advocate Paula Peralejo Fernandez admits that she almost gave up on breastfeeding during her first year as a mother. She reminds moms that they need to relax and take care of themselves to get through the hardships they may encounter when breastfeeding.
Interior Stylist, writer, full time mom of 2, and co-founder of Project Lilo Leona Laviña Panutat stresses that moms shouldn’t be pressured by the picture-perfect images they see in social media, highlighting that there’s no one way to be a “good mother”.
Mom to a 16th-month-old daughter, Robyn Chua Rodriguez shares that her breastfeeding journey was harder than giving birth, and that it took her 8 months to be successful. The speech & language pathologist and author says that she got through the difficult journey with the support of family and other moms.

Dr. Bondoc is joined by dynamic urban moms such as child advocate Paula Peralejo Fernandez, interior stylist and Project Lilo co-founder Leona Laviña Panutat, and speech and language pathologist and author Robyn Chua Rodriguez as they share their real-life experiences and personal approaches on navigating motherhood, breastfeeding, and caring for themselves. 

Certified organic by the EU, Sekaya Food Supplements Organic Moringa is the only 500mg moringa supplement of its kind in the Philippines. Processed in pharma-grade facilities, it comes in convenient capsule format and is safe and effective for lactating moms and their babies.

In helping women cope with the challenges of motherhood, Sekaya is also determined to provide them with ample whole food nutrition they need to keep up with the daily demands of their life. Sekaya Food Supplements is a line of natural food supplements that is designed, formulated, and tested with pharma grade standards and 100% sourced and manufactured in the Philippines. First on its roster of products is Sekaya Food Supplements Organic Moringa.

Moringa has long been used to increase a breastfeeding mother’s daily milk production. It’s also traditionally used as a natural immunity booster, making it a good complement to mom’s diet so she’ll have enough energy to take care of her family and keep her body healthy.

Traditionally used as a great natural immunity booster, moringa contains vitamin C, calcium, potassium, amino acids, and even anti-inflammatory compounds, making it a good complement to mom’s diet so she’ll have enough energy to juggle all her roles and keep her body healthy to take care of her baby, her family, and herself.

Sekaya Food Supplements Organic Moringa is the only 500mg moringa supplement in the Philippines that is certified organic by the European Union, which means it has fulfilled strict conditions on how they’re produced, transported, and stored. Made from 100% pure and organic Moringa oleifera leaves powder, it contains no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, soy, wheat, artificial color, flavor, and fragrance.

And just like all other Sekaya products, Sekaya Food Supplements Organic Moringa follows the same stringent standards in harnessing the benefits of moringa. The moringa capsules are processed in pharma-grade facilities and have gone through several laboratory tests more stringent than the registration requirements for food supplements to ensure their purity, safety, and efficacy. 

“Knowing that our primary consumers would be lactating moms, we made sure to provide them all the superfood benefits of moringa or malunggay in the best and safest way possible – from source, since our moringa is certified organic by the EU, to processing, in no less than pharma-grade facilities,” says Abi Nepomuceno, Director and Business Unit Head of Synnovate Pharma Corporation. 

“While there may be many moringa capsules already in the market, we can confidently say that Sekaya Food Supplements Organic Moringa is highly safe and effective. With our moringa supplement, breastfeeding moms are assured that they’re taking a high quality product to ensure their own good health as well as that of their babies,” she concludes.  

Made from 99.9% aloe ferox, Sekaya Botanicare Skin Repair Gel is a water-based solution that is free from harmful and toxic chemicals, and is safe for everyday use of both mom and baby.

The brand is also introducing its Sekaya Botanicare line, with its first offering, the aloe ferox Skin Repair Gel, which can help nourish mom’s skin and be part of her everyday care for herself. This multi-functional, natural skin repair gel can help moisturize dry skin and repair damage caused by sunburn, acne and wound scars, and stretch marks. 

It is made from 99.9% aloe ferox gel from South Africa. Aloe ferox is part of the aloe family and is known to have better soothing properties and causes less allergic reactions compared to the more popular aloe vera due to its high levels of nutrients and antioxidants. Sekaya Botanicare Skin Repair Gel is a water-based solution that is free from harmful and toxic chemicals. 

Sekaya Food Supplements Organic Moringa and Sekaya Botanicare Skin Repair Gel are available in and Allganic retail stores. 

All Sekaya products are available online in Lazada, Zalora and Shopee under the S Sentials Store. You may also order through the Synnovate Flagship Store in Lazada, or by messaging via Facebook or Instagram, and SMS or Viber at 0917-5SEKAYA (735292).

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