Goodbye Amoy Pawis, Hello Amoy Baby this New Year with these Proven Tips!

Likot-asim na ba si baby? Here are a few ways other moms are keeping their babies smelling fresh longer 😉 Try it na for the new year!


Parents of toddlers know the fun to be had at this age. Their personalities are more evident, they can communicate more clearly, they’re more game to try anything, and they’re more mobile – so we have a lot more options in terms of activities and games.

But along with the added activity and mobility, our kids also tend to lose their sweet baby scent at this stage. Us parents realize at this point that amoy pawis and kiddie asim are all too real. And it can be a bummer to get a whiff of it after a whole day spent playing and bonding.

So here are a few tips on how to keep your toddlers smelling like a sweet baby for a fresher end to your all-day playdate fun:

Don’t scrimp on fresh clothes

It’s normal for us parents to bring a fresh change of clothes whenever we’re out and about with our toddlers, just in case they get dirty or sweaty. Well, the same applies when they’re at home. Don’t hesitate to change their shirts especially if they get sweaty during hot days or after a particularly active afternoon. You can also let them do a quick wash up or shower so they can also feel refreshed and cool.

Make bath times fun enough that it becomes a habit for the kids

Good hygiene is still the best way to ensure that our little kiddos smell fresh and clean no matter what. Plus, we can rest easy knowing that the bath time habit is ingrained into them even as they grow up.

Aside from fun bath times, it’s also best to use bath care products safe for delicate, sensitive skin. Toddlers’ skin is more sensitive compared to adults’ so they need products that are gentle yet effective. Tender Care products are hypo-allergenic and made to care for babies and kids’ needs. And its mild scent keeps babies and active toddlers smelling fresh all day.

Properly wash and dry their clothes

Leaving dirty and sweat-soaked clothes in the laundry or washing machine can make them icky. And wet weather and moisture can make even freshly washed clothes smell musty. Both can prevent our toddlers from smelling fresh, so it’s also best to ensure that their clothes are well-laundered and dried all the time. You can dry sweaty clothes first before putting them in the laundry basket or you can even soak them immediately to get the odor and sweat stains out. At the same time, ensure that they dry out in the sun after washing, and are folded and stored neatly in your child’s closet right after.

Encourage your child to drink plenty of water

Water can help eliminate toxins and reduce the chances of body odor, so keeping your toddler well hydrated throughout your playtime and even after will keep him fresh and healthy.

Don’t let amoy pawis stop you from bonding with your child. The toddler years are the best times for tender moments and building core memories – playing childhood games, discovering the outdoors, and just plain old having fun.

For fresh-smelling tender moments with your little ones, use Tender Care baby products. Tender Care Hypo-allergenic Baby Wash (available for P169 only in 500ml) or Tender Care Hypo-allergenic Baby Soap (available for P59.50 only for 65g). If your baby has sensitive skin, then the Tender Care Baby Wash and Shampoo Head to Toe (starts at P120 only for 180ml) is best. You can follow this up with Tender Care Hypo-allergenic Baby Powder (starts at P18.50 only for 50g) for a better bonding experience. Check out Lazada for more details and try them today for more tender moments with your little ones.

What about you mamas? What are your best fresh-smelling bonding moments with your kiddos?

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