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Who are your favorite mommy influencers? 🙂


By: Lylet Soliven

Do you remember your favorite influencers five, ten years ago? Are you still following them today? If yes, then you might have noticed the shift in their journey over the years — most of them, from full-time It girls to now full-time moms. Here are some of your favorite women on the Internet, discovering a new life with their LOs (and LOs-to-be) and experiencing something universal: becoming a parent.

Kryz Uy

In December 2019, Kryz posted an Instagram video captioned “here we go.” She unboxes what would be two sticks of pregnancy tests. She anxiously waits, and eventually, her pregnancy unravels. She gave birth to their “little burrito,” weighing 7.9 lbs, in June 2020. Her feed is now filled with bouncy baby Scottie, who’s charming the internet with his fascination for buttons, flying balls, and his growing teeth mannerisms.

Tricia Gosingtian

Photographer-turned-fashion blogger Tricia Gosingtian announced her pregnancy at 14 weeks in October 2019. She’s dressed in a dainty floral dress, a piece off of her then-announced (maternity-friendly) clothing line, Hinhin. “Leo’s finally home,” she posts after coming home from an emergency CS delivery in April last year. Tricia’s followers saw her Instagram feed slowly taken over by the well-dressed and smiley baby boy, taking from her stylish mama.

Kimi Juan-Caja

Known for her aesthetic, #goals Instagram feed, Kimi Juan has long shown her followers what an aspirational slow, and mindful life could look like. In August 2020, she revealed, “Growing a human can be challenging but so rewarding.” From then, she would show her followers images of her savoring the journey and finding the beauty in between trimesters. Since January of this year, she has been gracing her feed with photos of her breastfeeding, a beautiful addition to her documented life in Bali.

Danika Nemis

Surfer/model Danika Nemis has been an advocate for health on top of an active lifestyle. Danika moved to become an island dweller and turned into an island mom to Luna in July 2017. From the inspirational and empowering swimsuit fits and her speaking openly about breastfeeding without inhibitions, she’s now an entrepreneur in La Union. She runs a plant-based restaurant called Seabuds and created a vegan milk collection especially catered to women.

Camille Co-Koro

Fashion blogger Camille had to take three pregnancy tests to confirm that baby number one is real. In between the chic photos, she’s embracing her mom-to-be journey with humor — with her partner, Joni — as they wait for the new family member to come out very soon. The excitement is real as Camille already put up a few #BabyCokoro Instagram highlights up on her account – with snapshots of their preparations, ultrasound updates, and the most recent baby shower.

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