Bettinna Carlos Shares Her Miscarriage Story

Bettinna Carlos recently shared her miscarriage story and her realizations after her experience.


Losing someone close to you is hard. But losing someone who became a part of you even just for a short while is a different story altogether. 

In the recent episode of A Blessing Channel, former Filipina actress turned lifestyle vlogger Bettinna Carlos-Eduardo recently shared her experience when she lost her second child. 

Bettinna started her vlog by sharing with everyone the exact date they found out she was pregnant through a pregnancy test. “January 19, 2022. The day we found out we were pregnant,” she said. Unlike other couples who typically share pregnancy news at around the 6-week mark, Bettinna and her husband, Mikki Eduardo, decided to share the good news right from the start with their friends and family – even doing it via a prank. Bettinna then went on to share that during her first weeks of pregnancy, she experienced spotting and bleeding and was asked by her OB-Gyne to go on bed rest and to take progestin.

Ten days into Bettinna’s prescribed bed rest, she felt a sharp stabbing pain which prompted her to go to the nearest hospital. Lo and behold, to their surprise, her uterus was empty; her baby wasn’t there. She suffered an ectopic pregnancy which caused her miscarriage. Instead of her egg planting in her uterus, it ended up planting in her fallopian tube which caused it to rupture. 

Bettinna started looking for answers as to why this had to happen to her. “Did God change his mind? Why God? Why did You give and take away?” Despite the numerous questions as to why it happened, Bettinna came across an article that shed light on her questions, “The Lord has a purpose in each human life, and so as a child who dies in the womb has fulfilled his purpose just as fully as someone who lives to old age. This child’s life, however brief, was full of meaning and purpose.” This spoke of comfort and peace to Bettinna. From the numerous questions, she began to see and realize that the purpose of her unborn child was already fulfilled. 

Throughout her miscarriage experience, Bettinna placed her faith in God, knowing that He was the real and true doctor, that He would help her doctors operate and take care of her during the journey. 

You can watch Bettinna’s full recount of her miscarriage experience below:


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