Kidnapped — Basic Safety Guidelines Every Parent Should Know

These days when warnings of child kidnappers are so prevalent, what can we actually do to ensure that our kids are not the next victims?

Kakaibang Kumplikasyon sa Bata Dulot ng COVID-19, Nakita ng mga Eksperto

May mga balita na may ibang kumplikasyon ang COVID-19 sa mga bata 😟

5 Ways You Can Make a Concrete Difference in the World...

Change the World: Start at Home by Paula Cabrera As parents, we all want a better world for our children. We don’t want to bring them into a world of violence...

When Is It Okay To Allow Your Kids On Gadgets?

By Celine Villadares The time spent by children on screen has been a growing concern for most parents, in addition to their access to almost limitless sites in the...

Does Height Matter? Factors that can Affect Your Child’s Height

Small and sweet? Or cute and short? If you're a bit worried about your child's cute height, then here are a few factors you should consider and what you can do about it 😉

How to Raise Multilingual Kids

Learning and being fluent in a second language might give your kids the competitive advantage they need once they go out into the real world. But how do we do this? Here are a few ways to do so 😉

Furuncle is Pigsa

I have a Furuncle and it hurts like hell. Last night we decided to pop the eye out. I almost die. It was so painful. I was thinking...

Braving Child Anxiety By Heart

“For parents whose children suffer from what doctors call childhood anxiety disorder, the road to acceptance is often desperate and lonely. Unlike a scrape on the knee, there is no ready band-aid to treat the anxiety of your little one.”

Let’s talk feelings

Teach your child how to express his emotions Have you ever used emotional cues to know what goes on inside your child's mind? Were you ever worried that he...

By Leaps and Bounds: Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Physical Development

As a child grows from a precocious pre-schooler to a mature adolescent, every aspect of his life goes through significant changes. The development each child goes through between...

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