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Give Your Kid’s Baon a Healthy Twist with these Sinabawang Ulam

Baon -- one word that can send a shiver down most school moms’ spines. Moms already spend a ton of effort, time, and preparation in coming up with...

5 #FlavorYourFun recipes little chefs can do this summer

Parents are usually torn about summer vacation. Because while it allows us to wake up at a later time on weekdays, summer also means finding activities to keep...

When Should My Child Start School

Are you a parent of a 3 or a 4-year old? Here are a few things you need to know about Preschool and Kinder 😉

Toddler and Biting: How to control and eliminate this habit

  Before getting horrified, keep in mind that toddlers bite due to several reasons- they are angry, copying the behavior of adults, teething, curious, frustrated, trying to get what...

Baby and toddler foods: What`s the difference?

It's that time in your child's life when the wonders of food are reintroduced with more variety, texture, and taste. Sundry gastronomic opportunities await toddlers, not exactly that...

Is My Child Too Sick for School: A Checklist for Parents

“Mommy, I’m too sick for school!” Here’s what parents should know when deciding if their kids are really fit for school or not.

The 101 on Soy Milk: Why Moms Should Consider it for...

Every parent, at one point or another, will spend a few minutes (or even hours) discussing the best milk. Whether it’s pregnancy milk for the expectant mom, the...

Fast Facts about Dengue Fever and How to Protect Your Child

While the rainy season comes brings with it the delicious cuddle weather, it also comes with traffic, flooding, and an increased risk for dengue. Dengue is a tropical virus...

7 Healthy Eating Habits to Teach Your Kids Now

The right time to help kids eat healthily and have healthy eating habits is now. And guaranteed, it'll be worth it - every effort, every frustration, every meal time success is worth it.

Can babies fly? The Practical Guide to Traveling with an Infant

By Trisha Bautista Thinking of taking your infant on a trip overseas? It may sound intimidating, but it is actually a lot simpler than travelling with a toddler. Infants...

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