Why do parents choose The Reading Station? Because their child is our priority.


‘I couldn’t believe the improvement of my daughter. I have been worried about her reading for some time. I searched for an establishment that could help us. I found The Reading Station and after just 4 weeks of the 12-week program, the teachers in school said that she had made serious improvements. He reading was no longer behind her classmates and in fact, she was beginning to rise to the top of the class. The program has helped her gain confidence in her abilities and my confidence has grown in her’

‘After much research we wanted our 3-year-old to begin reading, after finding it was the best way to have great results later in school, we decided this was a path we wanted to take. For the sake of our child’s education, it makes total sense. Within 36 hours of the program, he was able to read! Not just read but understand what he was reading, we were so happy with the progress, and so quickly! That was 2 and a half years ago now, to this day he has never had a problem with reading and comprehension in school. In fact, by sending him to The Reading Station we have noticed that his love of books and knowledge is amazing for his age. If I ask him now, do you want to go to the toy shop? He says no – he’d rather buy books from the National Bookstore! As parents, we feel that we made a life changing decision for our child and it is on that will continue to make us proud and him excel.’

The parents that have enrolled their children at The Reading Stations have glowing comments and we can see week after week how thrilled and impressed they are by the speed in which their child has progressed. The heart of the program with its teaching strategies and tools topped with a passionate, skilled and patient TRS teacher produce the fruit of reading success and gives a TRS kid the reading edge.

Why does this work for parents?

  • If children read at an earlier age, they are more confident at school and excel with ease.
  • A love for reading is nurtured and once their children go to school they are not scared of bigger words, expanded sentences and paragraphs. There is usually evidence and manifestations seen in the classroom and are noted by their classroom teachers.
  • Your child can read and comprehend words as early as three years old.
  • Stress-free mommy. There are no take home assignments and all are done at the center.
  • TRS is a specialized center in reading literacy from ages 3.5 till 10 years old. This means that it is not merely an enrichment program or a short course. The kids level up not only in number but in their reading and language skills. After completing the program, it brings a child to a 1-2 year upgraded skill compared to that of his/her chronological age.

How long will it take?

  • Level 1-2      3months
  • Level 3-4      4months
  • Level 5-6      5months
  • Level 7-8      4.5months
  • Level 9-10    4.5months
  • Level 11-12  3months

What about older kids?

For 7-11, we have Reading and Comprehension, Basic Writing, and Creative Writing Classes. All of which have a proven track record in improving confidence and skills.

Please call: (02) 4120200 / 5070190 / 0917-7217634 / +63 917 571 4467

Email: [email protected]

Address:  51-a Scout Delgado Street QC

6th Floor Northridge Plaza BLDG, No. 12 Congressional Ave. QC

Room 301, Artex BLDG, Juan Luna ST. Binondo, Manila


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