Tired of giving mom the same old gifts?


Tired of giving Mom the same old gifts? Does your mom have enough bags and wallets?

Show your Mom how special she is.

This year, be more creative and give her the most thoughtful gift you can ever give – the gift of Comfort and Convenience

Our mothers have outrageously many responsibilities in life – taking care of the children and the husband (which are sometimes like children too! J) while doing endless household chores. Most of the time, even squeezing so much work in between those!

So, let’s be honest, all Moms wants to have a really comfy life. Even in the bathroom!

This year, rather than giving her flowers and chocolates, why not elevate her bathroom experience. Give her something that is full of thought which will make her life better in every way. Dobidos Premium Bidet will give her spa-like experience right in her very own home! Give her worry free bathroom experience.

There’s no need to remodel your bathroom. With our Premium Bidets, you just place it on top of your existing toilet bowl and voila, you have your hi-tech bidet!

3 Reasons Why Every Mom Needs Dobidos Premium Bidet

Reason #1: Health

There are a lot of aspects of motherhood that is not being shared such as hemorrhoids, constipation, and possible vaginal infections. While pregnant or after giving birth, our moms undergo dramatic hormonal changes making them vulnerable to a lot of illnesses.

Dobidos Premium Bidet can greatly help heal hemorrhoids. Unlike toilet paper which is very abrasive and harsh for our skin, the bidet will clean the rectal area with warm water providing soothing effect for the wounds to heal faster. It can also prevent vaginal infections and UTIs (urinary tract infection).

Our bidets are equipped with Feminine Wash button to prevent any bacteria from entering the vaginal opening. Mothers also experience constipation during pregnancy which can be relieved by bidets since warm water helps relax and loosen the rectal muscles making bowel movements easier.

Reason #2: Hygiene

It’s always better to clean with water than use toilet paper. Imagine, if you have dirt in your hands, do you just wipe it away or wash it with water? Bidets are like faucets which cleans your bottoms using a spray of water.

Dobidos Premium Bidet are built with Micro Wash functions which ensures all dirt are cleansed off. It also has Move Function (Massage) for a more thorough cleaning.

Reason #3: Convenience

Electronic Bidets are very different from handheld and manual bidets. Ever experienced helping the handheld bidet spray clean yourself with your hand? Or getting yourself wet by adjusting the manual bidets? More often than not, these units spray water all over the toilet bowl which adds to the hassle of cleaning.

Dobidos Premium Bidet are made with highest standards of quality and ensures that nozzles are in the best condition and position to wash off all unwanted matters. Positions can be adjusted forward and backward with options for bubble type and pressure strength. With the accuracy of Dobidos, cleaning can now be Hands Free with just a few clicks!

Dobidos Premium Bidet provides great comfort for its users.

Make every Mom’s trip to the bathroom worry-free! Because she deserves only the best!

And just like we said, just sit and let Dobidos do the work.


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