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Delivering Malaya – My Accidental Home Birth Story

I gave birth to our second daughter at home. Here’s how her birthing became proof of how much she embodies her name 😅

10 Things You Should Know About the SSS Maternity Benefit

During the first quarter of the year, moms and expectant moms alike rejoiced when the Expanded Maternity Law was implemented. We all know about the increase in the...

Unang Yakap: Why Moms Should Include It in Their Birth Plans

A newborn baby’s grand entrance to this world is one of the most beautiful things moms and dads look forward to. In order to make this more than...

When the Earth Shakes: What You Need to Prepare Your Family...

The recent earthquake incidents have left many of us shaken, pun completely intended. And while it may be easier to pretend they didn’t happen and hope that they...

The Truth about “Bigkis”

Most of us have probably heard of bigkis from our parents or grandparents as one of those hand-me-down age old beliefs in infant care. What we probably do...

Single and Expecting? You can do it.

Being pregnant is one of the most enjoyable experiences that a woman can have, for as long as she feels loved, supported, and secure. For new moms, it...

See These Second-Time Moms with Their Cuties and Bumps

These celebrity moms welcomed their second-born cuties and showed off their bumps this year 😍

What You Should Know About EPIDURAL

This will be my last pregnancy and as you all know I will undergo ligation after giving birth to my Sati. Last weekend, me and my OB Gynecologist...

“Uy, Manas Ka” — Dealing with Pregnancy Edema

Pregnant and dealing with swollen feet and ankles? Read up mama - here's everything you need to know about manas or edema.

Is it a Boy or a Girl? Joyfully Reveal It to...

No matter how you may decide to do your gender reveal, we’re sure that your loved ones will surely go gaga over it. So have fun and congratulations on your new baby 😉

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