When Is It Okay To Allow Your Kids On Gadgets?

By Celine Villadares The time spent by children on screen has been a growing concern for most parents, in addition to their access to almost limitless sites in the...

4 New Family Traditions for a Very Merry Christmas

Here are a few family traditions you can try that will definitely keep Christmas in everyone's hearts 😉

Preventing Jealously When Welcoming A New Baby

Having a new baby in the family is fun and exciting. For an older sibling however, it can be a life-changing event that needs to treated with a...

Do Moms Get Do-Overs?

By Mich Lagdameo Having a one-year old daughter means having a year’s worth of time to think. I once read somewhere that it isn’t the baby that deprives a...

7 Healthy Eating Habits to Teach Your Kids Now

The right time to help kids eat healthily and have healthy eating habits is now. And guaranteed, it'll be worth it - every effort, every frustration, every meal time success is worth it.

Can babies fly? The Practical Guide to Traveling with an Infant

By Trisha Bautista Thinking of taking your infant on a trip overseas? It may sound intimidating, but it is actually a lot simpler than travelling with a toddler. Infants...

Little Beauty Gurus — Can Our Kids Use Our Makeup?

It's quite common to see kids putting on makeup these days, either for fun or even on social media. But we have to ask, are our makeup ok for our kids? 🤓

Tamang Kid And Infant Nutrition: Overcoming Hurdles

It’s not a surprise why parents love to follow the Tamang KAIN (Kid and Infant Nutrition) program for their kids. Tamang Kain provides assurance to parents that healthy...

Tips and Tricks to Discipline “Misbehaving” Kids

I must admit that handling kids who misbehave is way more challenging than I thought when I wasn’t a mom yet. Thankfully, there are many resources and communities...

Give Your Kid’s Baon a Healthy Twist with these Sinabawang Ulam

Baon -- one word that can send a shiver down most school moms’ spines. Moms already spend a ton of effort, time, and preparation in coming up with...

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